Service Excellence

The Lead for Life Service Excellence process is a proven model that is both scalable and customizable in small towns and large cities. Our model engages employees from across their organization to discover issues and opportunities for service excellence, collaborate, design and deliver their own improved process specifically customized by them and for them. The result is improved engagement, commitment and ownership by leaders, managers and employees.

Authentic Leadership

We are not just training employees to lead a customer service program. We are building leaders who can inspire and mobilize communities of excellence. Our model enables leaders and managers to excel at servant leadership by engaging their employees in developing a positive workplace, high standards, and peer-to-peer expectations. Our process produces leadership bench strength, and teams who take action and get the work done side by side.

Employee Engagement

No community can sustain a brand built on service excellence unless employees are engaged and committed to the process and the changes they bring in the organization. Lead for Life builds ownership and commitment from the ground up by bringing employees from all departments to actually collaborate and design their customized service excellence protocols.

Culture Change

Communities become transformed when people are unified around a meaningful purpose and clear vision for change. The LFL culture change process teaches employees how to lead, own and transform their organization’s culture. By their engagement in the process, they are applying new leadership, communication, and teamwork skills that become embedded in their culture, now driven by a shared commitment to service excellence.

Dave Treme, retired City Manager Emeritus of Salisbury:

“When most consultants complete their work we would say – “Didn’t they do a good job”.

Happily, with Lead for Life, we could say –”Didn’t we do a good job…”.

Way more than training. This employee-empowering process changes the way people think and perform in their jobs. The result is engaged employees united to create service-led cultures.

Multiple Industry Expertise

Public Service

Small towns, large cities, non-profits and municipalities are achieving lasting results from the Lead for Life Service Excellence process.


Our integrated culture change model has been successfully implemented in health care, banking, education, and retail.

Clients Benefitting from the LFL Service Excellence Process:


Why Lead for Life?

Delighted clients

All of our work has come directly from referrals from satisfied customers. Many of our clients continue to retain us as valued partners in their ongoing leadership and  organizational development work.

Seasoned Experience

Our team of staff professionals brings an average of 25 yrs of experience in the field of leadership, staff development, culture change, and team engagement.

Knowledge Transfer

Our goal is to teach service excellence and culture change in a way that ultimately passes ownership of the process model to the client, minimizes our consulting time and maximizes the return on investment for every leader and employee.